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What is planned for the site?

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is working to deliver a vibrant and connected residential and community development for Defence families, the local community and the public at Lawson North.  The site is located at the former Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station in Canberra’s northern suburbs. The goal is to deliver a neighbourhood characterised by quality homes, tree-lined streets and vibrant community spaces.


A significant portion of the 144-hectare site will be preserved for conservation. Extensive investigations into flora and fauna, heritage and contamination continue to be undertaken to ensure environmental assets are protected and that the site is ready for the agreed proposals.


‘For Lawson North, the DHA vision is for the public to be able to access areas which are

currently restricted, through reclassifying them as public open space. The aim is to connect the

proposed development area to the surrounding suburbs via walking tracks and cycling paths.’ 


In 2020 DHA consulted with the community on the proposed Lawson North master plan. The project team have since revised the master plan in response to community feedback and we would like to share some key changes with you.

Revised master plan 2021

Revised contextual plan 2021

Key new features

  • The revised master plan includes a mix of single residential and multi-unit sites.

  • Multi-unit sites will be dedicated to Defence personnel and their families with the remaining land lots available for community purchase.

  • Residential building heights are proposed to be a mix of single and double storey.

  • DHA support services and community organisations will help families integrate with the local and wider surrounding communities.

  • The inclusion of ample parking for public access will be incorporated into the design.

  • Streets are being designed to allow on-street parking to cater for overflow, not restricted to indent parking bays.

  • The revised master plan incorporates open recreational spaces that support play and an opportunity for a future park.

  • The proposed expansion of developable space is positioned outside of the core habitat areas for the flora and fauna species found within Lawson North.

  • The row of historical trees in the Wind Break are being further retained with the retention of more trees and replacement of weed species in the revised master plan.

  • DHA is continuing to explore opportunities for private and/or community uses of the conservation land and heritage buildings.

  • This may include restoring and repurposing the important historical buildings on site for future community use.

How can I stay informed?

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